geotube® is conceptually the same as a geobag. Geotube® is made of geotextile sewn together to form a sack which is then filled with sand/soil. Geotube® is primarily used in coastal areas to protect beaches from seawater erosion. Geotube® can be made of woven geotextile or nonwoven geotextile depending on the purpose of the application.

The difference between a geobag and a geotube® is the size and volume of the container made of geotextile to be filled with sand. Geobags have a smaller volume compared to geotube®. Geobags are usually used for coastal conditions that are not subject to too much abrasion. Geobags are usually filled with sand and dropped into the water, geotube® can be used for areas with high water depths.

Geotube® has a function similar to a geobag, but is usually larger in size. Geotube® is made by seams between the sheets on the sides to form a cylindrical tube (tube). The size of geotube® varies with length and width depending on demand, geotube® is commonly used in dry areas and areas with water levels up to 5 meters.