Coir Net Gabion Mattresses Gotextile, Coconut coir Gabion Mattresses have long been used as an erosion control product to stabilize and strengthen coastal banks, riverbanks, hills and beaches experiencing surface erosion.

Traditional gabion mattresses were previously made from steel wire or plastic, now PT. Pertiwi Alam Jaya is able to make good use of Natural Resources (SDA), towards being eco friendly whose principle is to unite and return to nature, in order to avoid the occurrence of new litter on the beach has developed and tested biodegradable coir Gabion mattresses as an alternative product to traditional gabion mattresses

Gotextile Coir Net Gabion Mattresses can be made to meet almost any project configuration requirement.

Coconut Coir Gabion Mattress has three layers
coir system lining with special lining inside hemp
burlap and equipped with internal baffles to hold rocks and sand from shifting.
Gabion coir mattresses are filled with sand, rock, or a combination of the two
 Sand Retaining Beaches (sandbags)
Product Specifications

Gabion coir mattress is
Length 2 m2
Width 90 cm2
50 cm thick

Also can make gabion mattress to suit any project design based on requirement.

Coir net Gabion Mattresses Coir net Gabion Mattresses are designed to meet the increasing interest by property owners and regulatory agencies in placing sturdy shoreline, biodegradable coastal and beach erosion control products in coastal environments. The durability of coir mattresses is outstanding in that they are typically used in project configurations where it will remain continuously covered with sand or other covering material, thereby minimizing UV damage. NETCO has utilized coir gabion mattress systems for other undershore surface drainage layers, over the beach soil and foreshore erosion control materials (e.g., coir bags, gabion baskets, coir logs/waddles), footpaths, as a seaside protection system, and as a terrace structure on sandy/unstable soils.

Coir net Gabion Mattresses Sabut Gabion mattresses, are used to resist sand slides or abrasion, namely the erosion of the edge of the land (beach) by the brunt of sea water (waves). This abrasion is the narrowing of land by sea water. Abrasion is usually caused by nature, although it can also be caused by humans.
Abrasion caused by nature, for example, rising sea levels (tides) due to the pull of the moon or melting icebergs, strong gusts of wind that cause waves, natural disasters, and so on. Abrasion is sea erosion. While abrasion caused by humans, for example activities carried out by humans around the coast, such as the use of heavy equipment or construction of projects around the coast without regard to environmental balance, dredging material on the seabed, and so on.
usually put Coir net Gabion Mattresses Sabut Gabion mattresses, abrasion occurs due to landfilling around the coast for the construction of human needs and at the same time fighting abrasion. However, this can cause problems if it is carried out in border areas between countries because it will change the territorial sea

To prevent abrasion
Sand avalanches
Coastal erosion protection and control
terracing structures on sandy/unstable soils.