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                             The Legality Of The Company

NOTARIAL DEED               : NO. 2   date  :   22 februari 2012

  CEO / Direktur Utama : JURIKA FRATIWI, S.E., M.M.

NPWP  : 31.574.189.2-005.000

                  Address  : INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL TOWER JL. JENDRAL SUDIRMAN              No.Kav 22-23,12920, JAKARTA  SELATAN ,Jakarta Indonesia


PT Pertiwi Alam Jaya,
Companies engaged in Contractors, Consultants and Supply Chain, handling Abration, Reclamation, Revival, Landscape and Hygroseeding. Having professional and competent human resources (HR) in their fields who are able to provide solutions to environmental problems within the company.

Present to preserve, protect and care for the environment with eco-friendly technology and utilize natural resources which are very rich in Indonesia, with the principle of health and greening the environment by using products based on nature and returning to nature. We believe our vision is in line with global goals in general in creating environmental solutions that are greener and cleaner that will be healthy for the environment and not have a negative impact on the surrounding environment.

PT. Pertiwi Alam Jaya is also a leading partner of mining companies in environmental management. We are committed to managing the mining environment to be radiant, green and restore environmental functions so as to produce fresh air, a fertile and beautiful environment by making the environment healthy and green.

The only company that has fostered Micro and Small Enterprises (UMK) fostered coconut coir cultivation, fertilizers and vertiver throughout Indonesia, so that it is capable of producing large capacities. MSE economic empowerment directly assists the government in accelerating economic growth in Indonesia.
To become a professional, credible, competent and trusted environmental company by creating a healthy, green and clean environment in realizing development that is environmentally sound.
Mission :
1 Increase efforts to control pollution and environmental damage
2 Maintain environmental health by increasing efforts to conserve natural resources, ecosystems and biodiversity
3 Increase cooperation and partnership with stakeholders in protecting and managing the environment in a systematic and holistic manner
4. Even distribution and increase in economic empowerment through the empowerment of MSEs throughout Indonesia
5. Overcoming poverty by creating jobs
6. Empowering natural resources in an efficient manner.

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