Coir Roll Geotextiles

Made from coconut fiber tied with biodegradable nets. Florafab coir gabions are either cylindrical or cuboidal in shape; they can be made in various lengths and diameters 

Application of Coir Roll Geotextiles

1 Restoration of riverbanks, creation of a wetland environment.
2 Provides substrate for plant growth.
3 Protects against erosion.
4 Energy absorbing waves.
5 Serves as a transition from one re-vegetation technique to another. Secures legs from the slopes.

Diameter 30 cm, length 300 cm, weight 7.5 kg/m.
Diameter 40 cm, length 300 cm, weight 18.5 kg/m.
Diameter 50 cm, length 300 cm, weight 29 kg/m.

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