Geomats are made with synthetic materials that can pass water such as polymers and polypropylene. The mixture of these two synthetic materials is then combined with a thermal technology that increases the life and resistance of the format material to weather.

Geomat is a geosynthetic material for soil conservation which functions to control erosion and protect hillsides. Geomats are able to stabilize the soil surface so that they can protect and hold the soil from potential erosion or landslides.
Geomat is able to prevent landslides. With a sturdy material for plant root systems, the presence of geomat also helps plants grow well. Geomats are generally used for protection of hillsides and highways, grass cover, and even distribution of seeds on slopes from wind.

The advantages of using a geomat:
1 Prevent damage to the slope surface by weather before the growth of vegetation seeds.
2 Can replace concrete, stone, shotcrete as erosion protection on slopes.
3 Can reduce construction costs when compared with concrete slopes.
4 Resistant to ultraviolet rays.
5 Not easy to destroy

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