Geobags are geotextiles in the form of bags filled with sand or soil (based on use), with a volume of 0.3 m3 to 10 m3. This product is used as an alternative method of replacing rock in the protection of landslides, beaches, river slopes, or canals which are prone to erosion due to scouring of river currents or sea waves.
Geobags are made of woven and non-woven geotextile materials with polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) polymeric materials, stitched with high tensile strength threads to withstand the scouring force of water that occurs in geobags.
Geobags are used for permanent structures that are continuously exposed to the sun, this material needs to be added anti-UV or covered with armor stones. If it is used to cover scour holes where it is placed in deep enough water, geobag material does not need special protection because UV rays are very low underwater.

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