PT. Pertiwi Alam Jaya, a company built on the basis of responsibility as the nation's son to Mother Earth to preserve the environment and protect the beauty of nature. Companies that really care about the environment and the universe, have competent personnel in their fields who are committed to building and maintaining infrastructure in a professional manner. One of the concrete manifestations in supporting the eco-friendly Eco-Friendly program that is not harmful to the environment. Products that contribute to a "green living" lifestyle. Product Qualification Making products that are environmentally friendly which are good for the safety of humans and living things that guarantee non-toxicity, both for humans and other living things as well as for the environment.

Pertiwi Alam Jaya Consultants & Contractors, Abration, Reclamation, Revitalization & Landscape is here to provide solutions and preserve, maintain, care for and rehabilitate the environment with Hidrosiding technology and the use of coconut coir media and its derivatives which have many benefits but are rarely touched, so many natural resources wasted without being cultivated. While Indonesia is currently ranked first in the world which has the most coconut trees.
Coconut coir cultivation, which is not optimal in Indonesia, actually has enormous benefits in the world, for the first time in Europe it was used for car seats, sofas and spring beds because of its high ability to absorb water and odors, does not change shape and does not grow moldy. With the principle of greening the environment with environmentally friendly technology using products based on nature. We believe our vision is in line with global goals in general in creating environmental solutions that are greener and cleaner and do not have a negative impact on the surrounding environment.
Pertiwi Alam Jaya is also a leading partner of mining companies in environmental management. We are committed to managing the mining environment to be radiant, green and restoring environmental functions so as to produce fresh air, a beautiful and fertile environment by making it healthy and green and growing the community's economy by utilizing land. . Armed with experience and a team of experts and modern hydroseeding technology, we are able to accelerate environmental restoration, improve soil fertility, efficiently use topsoil, and increase biodiversity.
Professional Experts carry out the task

Pertiwi Alam Jaya is a specialist consultant and contractor who is expert and competent in their field, committed to providing solutions to protect the environment. An expert team is a critical part of the success of technical work for implementation, management and maintenance. Have sufficient experience and knowledge and supported by skilled and experienced experts in the field of revegetation.
Have a Team Trainee who is experienced with mentoring and is able to coach properly so that they can easily transfer treatment knowledge to the user team.
A reliable project management team whose activities include how project operations go well, by understanding several aspects legally, applicable laws, work texts, Health & Safety (HSE), which aims to make a project run well, especially on the management and organization of resources. Resources in project implementation include human and capital resources, these two resources are organized into a management activity that includes time, quality, change, risk and problem management activities as well as communication management in producing good consulting services.
A team of experts in the field of agriculture reclamation activities who have several agricultural expertise, namely:

expert in conservation soil science for land use management
field of soil fertility and fertilization
field of plant cultivation (agronomy)
Seeds and sprouts

The success of each project undertaken is our target in providing excellent service that satisfies users when working with our team.


Reclamation is an activity carried out throughout the stages of the mining business to organize, restore and improve the quality of the environment and ecosystem so that they can function again according to their designation (UU No. 7/2014 concerning Mineral and Coal Mining). The land reclamation technology referred to in this study is technology for improving environmental quality through improving soil fertility and through hedroseeding, arrangement and restoration must be in accordance with the reclamation document plan and Amdal.
Chemical characteristics/soil fertility on post-coal mining reclamation land is classified as low – very low because most mining companies pay little attention to placing top soil in the top layer.

Revegetation using the hydroseeding method in the mining area is a very good method and has proven its success, this method is fast and precise in dealing with various levels of difficulty in mining areas that are difficult to reach. The benefits obtained with this method are as follows:

For very large land, around 20 to 30 Ha per month, you only need 1 unit of hydroseeding, reaching difficult areas will be very easy, considering that hydroseeding uses a hose and canon so that the spraying range reaches 100 meters. The speed of time by using hydroseeding so that spraying will be perfect, fast and efficient

Reducing the risk of erosion due to fast plant growth and within 3-6 months the land surface can be covered with vegetation.

Cost efficiency, minimizing the use of subsoil/topsoil with a minimum layer thickness of 30 cm or even without topsoil while still guaranteeing success.

 Appropriate for handling various site conditions, working areas on various types of soil (send, clay, sub soil), overcoming difficulty in reaching various levels of land slope (sloop area) from 30o to 50o because it can reach a planting area of ​​up to 100 meters, with the help Optimal spray distance using a cannon can reach 70 meters


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